Friday, December 30, 2011

Dancing with the stars 8: new Milly Carlucci

Dancing with the stars: the 8 new Milly Carlucci. The 7 January ripartir with a new edition of vip talent of Milly Carlucci that this year many new presenters not only regarding the cast really exceptional. It aims mainly on processing characters dancers rather far from the world of dance.
In a few days ripartir the new edition of dancing with the stars, who managed the talent vip in the years to ensure a great success at the Rai and obviously to Milly Carlucci. This year ’ the challenge becomes even more interesting because by ’ the other hand, Mediaset, Italy we will ’ 's got talent. A clash of plays that undoubtedly will become very excited, the first real challenge of ’ year between Rai and Mediaset. Milly Carlucci in this ’ summer bar a lot for the preservation of his program, he arrived at the ’ 8th Edition and c ’ was a risk that all this work could be ruined by Baila! dancer Barbara D programme ’ Urso that did not just enrage the Rai anchorwoman.

His personal battle was won, Baila! lasted only three episodes and was a real flop. Dancing with the stars 8 did talk a lot of s for the giddy cachet that would perceive the contestant Bobo Vieri, spoke even of 800 thousand euros, but then the figure has been reduced. In a period of crisis like this that we are living not pu bet on exorbitant, so cos figures was undoubtedly a slap to misery.

The Carlucci wanted to build himself a cast d ’ exception, this time leveraged primarily on passion of its competitors who will play for a transformation that has in many cases of miraculous. In short it seems absurd to see Bobo Vieri to ancheggiare perfectly, yet dancing with the stars has made out of miracles and Milly Carlucci that strong public will stay amazed by many of its competitors. In addition to Bobo Vieri will, Marco Del Vecchio, Gianni Rivera, Anna Tatangelo, Andres Gil, Ariadna Romero, Claudia Andreatti, Rita Antoniou, Alex Belli, Sergio Assisi, Stefano Campagna and Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere. In short, among the names most famous c ’ always some other unknown to the public.
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