Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The 10 reasons why sex is good!

1 – is good for your spine, strengthening the ’ muscle elasticity;

2 – Stabilises blood pressure and reduces heart attack and stroke risks;

3 – promotes better sleep at night;
4 – Releases endorphins that produce good mood;

5 – Every sexual act Burns 200 calories, the ’ equivalent of a chocolate bar;

6 – through endorphins, stabilizes the urge of hunger;

7 – opiates issued by cerebellum during l ’ 0rgasmo work by painkillers;

8 – Long kisses produce saliva protects teeth and gums;

9 – The addition of all the factors mentioned above, according to Dr. Weeks, leading to a global benefit equal to seven years in pi;

10 – Bh, there are only 9!?!?
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