Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fabrizio Corona confesses: “ Belen Rodriguez saved me ”

Fabrizio Corona confesses: "Belen Rodriguez saved me." The former King of paparazzi showed a new image of s. Corona has decided to terminate with the past and think only to be good. His life changed thanks to Belen Rodriguez.
Fabrizio Corona really changed? And this ’ that asks people after listening to the ’ interview yesterday afternoon to Sunday Five. L ’ ex King of paparazzi was the protagonist of “ against all ” conducted by Claudio Brachino. Wolf apparently there pi, Fabrizio Corona is trying to wear the shoes of the Lamb, a ’ that is definitely not the animle suits, but that probably is trying to emulate. Via the malice, scandals, the usual antics on tv Fabrizio Corona changed skin and wants the public to know. Certainly we have never seen the ’ former King of paparazzi cos quiet, resigned and oddly good. A short man who has found the way to redemption thanks exclusively to his beloved Belen Rodriguez.

Yet the ‘ argentina was with him during the various scandals, and the various processes “ l ’ ” that crowned man gave life during these years, but something changed. All undoubtedly attributable to the loss of child of Belen Rodriguez. The couple was already savoring the formation of a new family, a new life that arrived in the world to bring joy and serenity to the couple. Unfortunately this does not happen, was a huge pain for Crown and Belen discover that this son would be pi arrived. Thus they thought to be a long trip to Maldives to find a p of serenity.

To return to Italy immediately presented on television. Belen Rodriguez wanted to reconfirm Kalispera, Alfonso Signorini, his great love for Fabrizio Corona and this ’ last gave his woman have profoundly changed. Belen then saved Crown, l ’ man risked taking a road of no return, now for the ’ ex King of paparazzi has closed with the past, in his vita c ’ a new Fabrizio Corona. Sar really cos?
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