Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pato and Barbara Berlusconi: one year d ’ love, but the ’ will remain at AC Milan striker?

Pato and Barbara Berlusconi: one year of love, but the striker will stay at Milan. It passed almost a year since their first meeting and Pato and Barbara lovers every day of pi. For the latter could separate them, Pato indeed looms a future away from Milan.
And ’ passed almost a year since their first encounter, but for Barbara Berlusconi and Pato c ’ always that strong emotion of the first day. Innamoratissimi pi than ever of this pair pi crackling that 2011 is going to go away is going to live a new year of love and some new interesting chiss. From that they first met Barbara Berlusconi and Pato are not left, not a passing joke as many thought, we remember also how the daughter of former Premier ’ has left a mate, George Valaguzza, with whom he was for nine years and whom she had two children. Barbara did not then certainly a clueless, a mother, but a still a girl of 27 years and as such could not miss a love so strong.

With Pato is not just passion, c ’ a powerful Alchemy between the two that makes their relationship really very special. L ’ Milan striker could leave Milan, is experiencing a moment not easy in the team, especially for the lack of communication with his coach Allegri. In a ’ interview a few days ago Pato did understand that with the current rossoneri coach ’ not ’ much dialogue and probably also why you hear a p lost in the middle of the field.

Also you do persistent market rumors that they would like Pato at PSG, the Court of Ancelotti, coach ’ that most of all managed to exploit this young Brazilian talent. A ’ idea of market that would be really interesting and that would lead to Milan a nice splash to arrive finally at Carlos Tevez, the dream of the market of the rossoneri. It seems impossible that a p AC Milan let escape a young talent such as Pato, see Barbara Berlusconi, entry in the Cda rossoneri team, won't leave go away so easily her love.
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