Saturday, December 10, 2011

Attention: Red Bull dangerous? Here's the whole truth

It is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but few know the truth.Drinking Red Bull dangerous;Here's why.

And ’ one of the most widespread and popular beverages in the world but few people know the truth about Red Bull.
The beverage was discovered accidentally by Dietrich Mteschitz, an Austrian-born entrepreneur, during a viaggioad Hong Kong. This gentleman, who all worked for a ’ time ’ company that produced toothbrushes, discover that this drink containing caffeine and taurine, had a considerable success in that country and so he decided to take her to Europe was so that he became a successful entrepreneur.

We come now to the truth about Red Bull. The drink contains a deadly component ilGLUCURONALACTONE, which is defined as a stimulant, but can not say the consequences in the ’ assume this substance.

First well merge all ’ taking of drink ’ physical activity also because its function energizzanteaccelera the heart rhythm and can cause FULMINANT;Can cause CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGES, due to the fact that Red Bull contienecomponenti which dilute the blood to make the heart pump more quickly, and cos to physical effort with less effort.

’ and take absolutely forbidden to drink alcohol as rap with lethal to the liver, making it the area colpitanon sirigeneri mai pi.One of the main components of Red Bull vitamin B12, utilizzatainmedicina to retrieve patients found in ethyl coma (comatose causatodalconsumo alcohol); and for the State of excitement you feel after averlabevuta, as if I were drunk without drinking any alcoholic beverage.Regular consumption of Red Bull causes the appearance of a nerve and irreversible neurological seriedimalattie.

Red Bull here in Italy is sold in supermarkets and shops, but is forbidden in some countries like France and Denmark, but a drink which should be prohibited everywhere because MORTAL!
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