Thursday, December 15, 2011

And ’ dead dads: Perogatt Calimero

Carlo Peroni is dead, in arte Perogatt, cartoonist.

And ’ died at 82 years ’ et of Carlo Peroni in art, remembered by all Perogatt as the pap of Calimero.

Perogatt cartoonist, was born in Senigallia, Ancona province in 1929. Perogatt beginning his career as a painter and restorer.Very soon you passionate about the world of comic books, and from the start to create celebrities; Perogatt work for Rai, but also production for Carousel percase, Mickey and Pecos Bill. its long career also dismayed by publishing books and pamphlets comeUffa Charlie Brown as break, Uncle BorisMondo Snail .30 years of comics, Parlacosando, Also robots have a heart.
Carlo Peroni won many awards among which best site Italian in 2004, 2004 Regularly updated site constantly with characters and virtual postcards, a sign that the cartoonist had always been attentive to the news.

We recall the characters invented by the famous cartoonist: Draghiottino, Slurp, week 05.21.10, Uncle Boris, carbon black, Paciocco, Inspector ’, Tipp Perogatt. According to some the same Calimero would be attributable to the fantasy of Peroni, invention that recognized the brothers Pagot instead.

The news of his death was given by relatives through Facebook: “ did not suffer, flew away in a brief moment like the dali beat flying butterfly dune smiling toward a happy place ”.

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