Sunday, December 11, 2011

SHOCK: Pitbull sbrana a child of only 4 years.

Eaten up alive from his neighbor's dog.

The terrible story which featured a dog killer, race pitubll and a little girl of only 4 years comes from Melbourne. While the giovanebambinastava playing with her little cousin in dicasa Garden, ilpitbulldel near having managed to bypass the recinsionesi thrown over her sbranandola.

Unnecessary interventions rescuers (arrived very promptly on site tralaltro) which could not practically doing nothing to save her: the dead child instantly. The dog has eaten up pretty much ’ l Hurrah, snatching bite the skin and ’ State “. atrocious ” told the aunt of small, who noted the everything from the window of his home. “ are not able to do anything, if not enjoin the window to my son to return home immediately, before the beast he shredded alive he ”.

Lapoliziaha that lanimale will be killed after bad tragedy occurred.For Colin Muir, President of the American Pit Bull breeders in Australia, the liability of the owner delcane dellaggressione.The community of Melbourne under shock.It seems that the dog suffered from a very rare disease that took him to be aggressive, if not fed every 2 hours approximately, and at the time of ’ happened, then, the master reported that that morning he had forgot to leave enough food and the dog was left, cos, without food for more than 3 and a half hours.
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