Saturday, December 24, 2011

Choc theologian: “ Pope Benedict XVI is gay ”

Shocking declarations are made by a former friend of the Pope.

Pope Benedict XVI gay? Judging from the opinion of a theologian excommunicated from more than twenty years ’, Uta Ranke-Heinemann, there would be no doubts: the Pope senz ’ other gay, just look at his photos.L intellectual ’ rather known in Germany, the daughter of Gustav Heinemann, former President of the Republic of the Spd and first Catholic theologian of the story. His conflict with the church became breaking in 1987, when was excommunicated for having said the biological impossibility for ’ a Virgin woman conceive a child. The Heinemann was also a companion of Pope Ratzinger at ’ University, and from the memories of those years and by the subsequent observation of the conduct of the Pontiff concluded in ’ omosessualit. In an interview with German weekly ’ Deputy gave his explanation: when we were together alluniversit in the 1950s, Ratzinger was ideal companion for a woman. Gave you the impression of being completely asexual, the perfect partner for study in empty halls and with little light. During the years for changed much, its looks towards other Cardinals, as with Tarcisio Bertone, standoffish a flicker in the eye towards the male bodies that had not before. By the time I gather his photographs, and according to me from the pictures shows his homosexual orientation. To share the thinking of the theologian, another excommunicated intellectual, David Berger.

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