Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mai Dire Grande Fratello: Danilo at Floriana-new targets of Gialappa's Band ’

And restart big brother and Mai Dire Grande Fratello. New characters and new idols for the Gialappa's Band.

’ and restart big brother, and therefore also the ’ antagonist, nicely speaking, Mai Dire Grande Fratello. Ruthless as never before, the Gialappa's Band ’, composed of famous as simpati Marco Santin, Carlo Gherarducci gi TarantoeGiorgio, have identified the characters of big brother, from target, first and foremost Danilo Novelli.
The funny barese, say which has the strange habit of pronouncing sentences, removing the final part of the word and even placing an accent very personal. “ Are D and B come from ”, the video presentation of Danilo Novelli, Gialappina means. The D B does not go unnoticed, and there is a lot to become the new Idol of Gialappa's Band ’.

But Danilo, not the ’ unique target of Gialappa's Band ’. The scene also Floriana Messina, competitor sexy but also very intelligent, as she herself is defined, to pi can't. The much-lauded culture, from Floriana, is put immediately to the test. The woman who until a few days ago, with great wisdom repeated the words diSchopenhauer, falls on Socrates and Plato. Floriana giurerebbe anything, that are the same person, or better yet, Socrates never existed. Punto e basta.

Obviously not lacking, the contacts of those who failed to enter the House.Skip all ’ eye, nice guy, who seems to have no doubts, better do the ’ lawyer, livelloGUADAGNATIVO means.

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