Saturday, November 19, 2011

Students protest against the Government Mounts: clashes in Milan and Palermo-Video

The yesterday's rally against the Government of bankers, have seen clashes and tensions between students and security forces. Also the Cobas.

The new Government mounts, gi is having to face a crisis, which sees students throughout Italy, demonstrate against what is considered “ the Government bankers ”. The list of Ministers elected by Mario Monti, not like at all, especially to those who yesterday expressed in many Italian squares, present students and Cobas.

During the event, there were clashes between participants and the forces of the ’ order. The clashes have occurred mainly in Milan and Palermo. Here's the data recorded yesterday, where there are 20 thousand protesters to 15 thousand in Naples, Rome, Turin and Milan and Bologna 5 10 thousand thousand.

Targeted particularly the Senate, where there were cast of oranges and eggs, and the headquarters of the Banca d ’ Italy. The procession of students had as its aim not only to demonstrate for the right to study but also to launch a clear message to Government mounts, shouting loudly about not having any intention of paying the crisis of their own pocket.

During the demonstrations there were clashes and tensions between students and forces of the ’ order and register a wounded in Palermo. Milan is also affected ’ invited the fact l, Franz Baraggino.
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