Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Government Mounts: incisive Reforms and return all ’ ici-Gaffe in Brussels-Video

Mario Monti is presented in Brussels where promises greater commitment of Italy, the European Union. Commits a gaffe "Let's go to the bottom".

The Government immediately put Mountains all ’ work for trying to make ends meet, who did not return. The first moves of Mario Monti are not welcome, especially because you think you want to take a step back rather than attempt to resurface with new and concrete reforms.

In fact, the shipyard c ’ ’ tax return to the first House. On the reintroduction of ’ Ici also spoke to the Governor of the Bank which Saccomanni dItalia said: “ L ’ l ’ Italy only great country without a fee on the first House and a reintroduction of the Ici ’ ’ one of the main house to retrieve the ’ ” tax evasion.

Today the President of the Council presented in Brussels, where he met the President of the EU Commission, Jos Manuel Barroso, and the permanent President of the EU Council Herman Van Rompuy. At the meeting said: “ my effort and my Government will put the ’ Europe at the center of activity of Executive ’ ’ ”. The mountains then promises to ’ Europe pi and institutional reforms more incisive in the ’ Italy, in respect of EU ’.

During a press conference, Mario Monti, escapes a joke that can be accessed in two ways: “ there is a broad consensus between the pi ” Italian “ political forces and a greater willingness of cooperation we can think more thoroughly go ” but then corrects: “ In a good way, CIOs be more incisive “.
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