Saturday, November 26, 2011

Facebook: The absurd truth-6 on social networks

Strange but true. Here are the 6 truth that revolve on Facebook and that nobody yet knows.

Facebook has changed the way we interact, entered the reality, in quotidianit. But there are things that some still do not know, or the absurd truth 6 revolving on the well-known social network.
Are prohibited images of breastfeeding. Strange but true, accounts that contain photos of breastfeeding are suspended, because the images may offend the sensibilities of young, lactating breasts at the sight of children.Facebook cause of divorce on 1 5. This is not so strange. A recent US survey has shown that among the causes of divorce appears just the word Facebook. Beyond the social network are indicatispionaggi, excessive attention dedicated to altredonne, and altreIl time lost 36% of status is updated after having sex. This really incredible. Recent research has shown that the best time to update your status on post-intercourse because d much creativity.More than 350 million people depend on Facebook. Sure you know the side effects of Facebook but even create dependence to 350 million people, equivalent to 6 times the Italian population, this was missing.A man was arrested after asking the 13 year old daughter to have sex on Facebook. The social networks occasionally serves to something.In fact been arrested one man, better define it a maniac who publicly pushed messages sent to the 13 year old daughter.The students not enrolled in Facebook have more votes. It doesn't need many comments this sad truth.

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