Friday, November 18, 2011

Government Mounts: the three pillars-budgetary Rigour, growth and equity

The Government has begun. Budgetary rigour, growth and equity, the focal points of the Government programme. And ' gi controversy.

Officially the Government begins. The new President of the Council, today tabled in the Senate, showing the three pillars on which the Government program's baser: budgetary Rigour, growth and fairness. The three points presented by Monti today, are quite tosti and declares: “ sacrifices needed to reduce the debitoe restart the growth should be equitable “.

The program then divided into two parts: the first part prevedeuna series of measures to tackle the emergency ’, ensure the viability and sustainability of public finance, return confidence in the ability of our country to react and support a sustainable and balanced growth. The second part however, is to outline concrete steps with a project to modernise economic and social structures in order to expand opportunities for businesses, youth, women and all citizens in a framework of newfound social and territorial cohesion.

Monti has also addressed the topic: pension ’ “ Gi ’ et now l's retirement, in the case of old age, taking into account the so-called Windows, superior to that of workers of German and French. Our pension system, remains characterized by large disparities in treatment between different generations and categories of workers, as well as from areas of unjustified privilege “.

Good intentions on the part of the new charge to the Government there, only that mounts will have to contend with those who accuses him of having put on a “ ” banking Executive.
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