Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girl becomes pregnant and marries boyfriend: Discover to be brothers

In South Africa. Two guys know each other and fall in love. About to get married, they discover to be brother and sister.

The story of bizarre, but it seems to be true. South Africa, two boys are separated from birth, or rather natural parents when they separate, the two were still babies. The husband, wife in abbandon 1983 after being betrayed.

He goes with his father while the girl stays with her mother. Brother and sister grow up separated so unsuspecting l ’ a dell ’ existence of ’ more. After many years for the two meet by chance, all ’ universit. You know, and they fall in love. She becomes pregnant and decide to marry;And their l who come to know by their parents, brother and sister. During the official presentation of the two fiancés, discover the incredible truth ’.

The girl, native to the Sowetan, has made know immediately falling in love with her boyfriend, a love at first sight, therefore, that for now is to deal with a reality, hard and raw.

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