Sunday, November 27, 2011

Concetta Palin to fourth degree: “ Uncle Michele? An abominable man and fake ”

"It's a fake man and without dignity, just call him uncle"-Cos mum of 15 Miners called Michele Misseri.

Yesterday evening during the episode of the fourth degree, the programme devoted to unsolved crimes, 4 network led by Salvo Sottile and Sabrina Scampini, was read live a letter from Elizabeth Serrano, mother of young Miners, the fifteen-year-old killed in Avetrana in August 2009.

During the interview to journalist ’, Filomena Rorro, she left to go on some considerations in respect of what is still defined by “ Uncle Michael ” press, in fact one of the accomplices with her daughter Sabrina and his wife Cosima. To unleash the fury of mother Concetta l ’ umpteenth interview program Matrix, where even Michael Misseri studio is presented live, responding to questions on Alessio Vinci. here is an excerpt of the letter, which aired last night:

“ Unfortunately are angry and outraged by questuomo: lacks dignity – first to – himself and tears pouring, when also mentions only the name of Sarah, are full of falsit [] and shameful to hear call questuomo Uncle Michael in affectionate tone, as if you were talking about dellomino pio, of St. But, we realize that a 15-year-old girl who had to live life with joy and lightheartedness was suppressed by abominable questuomo, which also has the courage to be interviewing in a TV studio?Flaunts around proudly latteggiamento a divo in Hollywood, as if he had committed unazione boastful instead of closing at home and suffer from remorse because throughout this time he and his family have only shown the presumption and evil laughing falsit, who made the poor ” Sarah.
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