Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michael j. Fox is back on stage

Michael j. Fox is back on stage with his famous red guitar back to the future, for a performance in an evening of charity.
Michael j. Fox back onstage at a distance of 26 years after his memorable performance in back to the future, with his red guitar, unleashed as usual in playing and singing Johnny b. Goode. And back, once again, always with the same guitar to sing again there which was one of many memorable sequences of the film, to raise funds for his foundation for the battle against Parkinson 's. Him, that's still young, he had to do the nasty pi l'incontro his life, he character full of vitality and will to live, which for many years fighting this progressive disease.We will always remember all that film, the first of the famous saga, the most beautiful of all three, in which j. Fox Muchael was his meeting with the time machine by Doc.

The New York evening denominataA Funny Thing Happened On The Way You Cure Parkinson's ’ in which he played, was an evening of charity to raise funds for the fight against Parkinson's disease, which still does not offer great hopes, despite the undeniable progress, even in terms of life expectancy, which research has done all these years.The stem, the last frontier and at the same time, the new hope, they still need research in order to be used in the treatment of the disease.

The most important moment of the evening was lesibizione by Michael j. Fox, with the only key difference that while he was only pretending fil playing, this time it did really, having engaged in these years in the study of the guitar. And not just, as Michael, who will be always remembered by all as that Marty McFly who accompanied by Doc Emmett Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, passed by a allaltra thanks to the mythical DeLorean time, fights against the disease.
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