Sunday, November 13, 2011

Berlusconi waited at the Quirinal Palace to resign.

With the Chamber's Stability, ends the ddl the Berlusconi Government.

Passes to the House the ddl of financial stability, which welcomes the indications of the European Union ’ to reduce government spending and restarting the development. The s were 380, no 26, 2 abstentions. Green disk also state budget bill that passes with 26 no 379 s, and 3 abstentions.

The climate of the discussion was red-hot. Votanno for members of the majority; most oppositions allow in various ways, ’ approval of the Government's decision. The PD, present in the Room, ’ Chamber does not participate in the vote. The third pole rate s. L ’ Idv, vote no. The ddl of stability, voted yesterday by the Senate, now officially the law.

But what does the ddl of stability? Here are some highlights: From pensions to mobility for redundant State, divestitures, cuts to ministries, refinancing of leegge and mini-naja. I'm just Viennese bufet breakfast of the measures contained in law of stability. There are no rules on so-called easy dismissals, n the sheet or the reintroduction of ’ Ici. In the package rietrano not even measures in favour of flooded areas of Liguria and Tosccana, because it expects the quantification of damages.

Now being the Council of Ministers, the last ’ of Government Silvio Berlusconi. Soon after, in fact, the President of the Council will al Quirinale where formalizzer his resignation to the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano. Berlusconi expected to between 20 and 20.30. The crowd of onlookers in front of the buildings of the institutions: at Palazzo Chigi, Quirinale and Montecitorio in anticipation of the resignation of Berlusconi.
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