Friday, November 11, 2011

From rugby player to gay hairdresser

English youngster regby player among amateurs and next to marriage, awakens from a coma after a stroke and turns out to be become gay.
From rugby player to gay hairdresser, step short, indeed far from, somewhat singular transformation passes for a stroke and a coma. Strange but true, really happened in England where Chris Birch, a young man all sports and pub, engaged to a beautiful girl and the next to marry, bank clerk, has undergone a transformation that has dellincredibile, following a stroke that he hit while playing on a lawn at rugby with friends.Upon awakening, Chris was another person, and this sometimes happens in such situations, which can also cause mutations in personality dellindividuo suffered a stroke and forced into a coma for a period more or less long, but he, a different person, it really was, and in the real sense of the word, insomuch that his mother says he does not recognize IP.

And Chris has no reluctance to tell his story. When I woke up in hospital after the coma, thought to be back to normal life than before, says the young man, but, as I watched the television, I saw a nice guy and I felt a strong sexual attraction to him, what practically had always tried for girls up to that time. Now I'm a completely different person, but I'm fine cos.His life changed, dyed hair, began to go to the gym, he left the previous job and obviously also the betrothed, who probably didn't like, and now does the hairdresser. You might say, vita nuova, Chris again, and just cos, as now, 19 months, also has a companion.

Neurologists agree is this case not particularly strange, since a stroke anyway a very traumatizing experience, as well as the fact of not having lived a few days of its existence, since you were in a coma. You probably don't have the memory of this event, the fact may have determined quite radical changes.
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