Monday, November 14, 2011

Consultations: Mario Monti salt al Quirinale for ’ assignment.

Quirinale: No to "toto-Ministers".
Started at 9.00 this morning as from calendar, consultations at the Quirinal Palace of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, for the launch of a new Government that both gi from tomorrow.

The first to go was the President of the Senate, Schifani, followed by the President of the Chamber, Gianfrano Fini: both have released no statement to reporters present. Napolitano then called Mario Monti at Quirinale. Currently the head of State still engaged in consultations to resolve the crisis of governance after the resignation of premier Silvio Berlusconi.

– you “ The Quirinale learns from sources close to the President of the Republic – does not participate in any way to any “ toto ” Ministers, considering it a free exercise and warns – it is stated in note – against a confusing and arbitrary array of names of alleged candidates to positions of Government ”.

Meanwhile, the now former premier Berlusconi ’ greeted the protesters of the Pdl which gathered, to hundreds, in front of palazzo Grazioli. Berlusconi is approached to hurdles and has tight my hands at some of them. Protesters greeted him as he walked away with the slogan: “ never give up ” and “ votes to ” votes. A few minutes before, pending the release of ’, the participants at the event had intoned l ’ Inno di Mameli and repeated several times the slogan: “ But which Monti, but who Loved, every Government must be voted ”.
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