Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Putin launches election hot spot: redlight-Videos

In Russia, Vladimir Putin launches election spot really surprising implications and red lights. It is polemic.

Strange but true, President russoVladimir Putin, who prepares the next elections, scheduled for 4 December, has decided to launch an election spot, red light.

The outgoing President, to try the ’ impossible, in view of forthcoming elections that they see declining consents, decides to launch a commercial, sexy and mischievous, he sees two young Flirt in front of a cabin elector, he glances winking and sentences that don't need comments: “ ”, let's do it together then disappear together in the cabin.

The spot has created, and not a little controversy about the way in which it presents the political programme of Putin. The Deputy leader of Russia, Gennady Gudkov, one of those who had strongly criticized the video spot, considering it a violation of the Constitution, which calls the vote secret. Email Congressman Robert Schlegel, maker of the spot, defended the ads, declaring that the internet serves creativity and then simple and fun.

Criticism or not, the spot as his show on the network; It is unclear whether the Russian electorate likes ’ and above all understand, purposes of the spot. Certainly not the first time that political propaganda is so mischievous. For example a similar gi happened in 2010, where Catalan elections, Young Socialists, had presented two videos with simulated orgasm.
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