Sunday, November 20, 2011

The greatest show after weekend: 2nd installment on 21 November.

Among the guests of the episode: the Coldpaly, Michael Buble, Caparezza and Laura Chiatti.

Monday 21 November andr aired on RaiUno at 21.15, the second of four planned episodes of the new show, Fiorello, entitled The greatest spectacle after the weekend.The program last week debuted at bigger: the average audience was, indeed, of almost 10 million viewers for one share which came close to 40%. Numbers that are typically made from Sanremo Festival!The program also is depopulated on the web: among the most viewed video this week on Youtube, there are precisely those of the show's protagonist siciliano, in particular the video where Fiorello parodies of young d ’ today.

Many guests expected for the episode of this Monday: first, the British rock band, headed by Chris Martin at the top of world rankings with their latest work Mylo Xyloto. We talk about Coldplay will perform live at Cinecitt against the backdrop of ancient Rome rebuilt in Studios.

On stage 5 awaited study also swing style by Michael Bubl and irreverent of Caparezza rap that will interact with Fiorello in moments of pure musical show and not only, also shared dallattrice Laura Chiatti. With modern scenes of Gaetano Castelli and choreography by Daniel Ezralow to accompagnare Fiorello on the big stage of Cinecitt unorchestra of 50 items conducted by Maestro Enrico Cremonesi musical soul of the show. Inevitable interventions Marco Baldini, perfect voiceover, and not only that much awaited, in fact, a parody of the new jury of X Factor aired on Sky, composed by Simona Ventura, Arisa, Morgan and helium.
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