Friday, November 25, 2011

Napoli, a step away from qualifying for the Champions

After the victory over City by Mancini, the Naples one step away from the round of the Champions. Bigon looking of the righteous reinforcements for January.
Napoli, a step away from qualifying for the Champions, thinks already to the market in January.For now, however, you can enjoy the beautiful win against City of Mancini, stellar team finds an inappropriately, which caused the bow of Mazzarri-Napoli. Moreover, says the President De Laurentiis, not always with the money you get what you want, that sentence sounds a little like not always make money, happiness and Sheikh Mansour never said this was most appropriate.

Money, however, those spent well and with foresight, could make the happiness of Naples and Neapolitan fans, and we refer to those who arrive in the coffers of the azzurra company upon successful completion of the round, what now pi that just a simple wish.In that case, Bigon might have in the hands of the right to make available spending and strengthen the squad so it at least to gamble in continuation of the continental tournament, as well as in the League.And then, in the whirlwind of names that are close to Naples every day, to Borja Valero of Villareal, gi followed in the past, but that Neapolitans could now be more easily approachable, especially given the fact that the Spanish company purse nearly empty, and would need to raise cash.

Upon successful completion of the round, swears the Dg Anton will arrive three new signings, to try to tackle in the best way the remainder of the season.Meanwhile, it seems certain that Bigon, partir early December, for a tour in South America to see up close some young talent already reported by observers blue Micheli. names circulating are different, as we said, and among these reappears again Amauri, departing from Turin, but De Laurentiis has accustomed us to do things in silence without advertisements to avoid stock can rise due to dellinserimento of some other clubs in negotiation.Toccher wait for January to get certainties.
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