Monday, November 21, 2011

Naples – Explodes: building a COP dies.

The tragedy occurred a short distance from Stadio San Paolo, Naples-was underway.

Still at work firefighters in Naples for securing the ’ area of via Consalvo, Fuorigrotta, where last night he verified the ’ explosion, apparently caused by a gas cylinder, which resulted in the death of COP of 57 years, Vincenzo Mazzaella. L ’ man lived in the home partially collapsed after the outbreak.

The deflagration, felt throughout the area, a short distance from São Paulo, where he was playing the ’ waiting game between Napoli and Lazio when the ROAR shakes the suburb of Naples, in a few seconds, dozens of phone calls drop in Central operations of barracks of firefighters and emergency while the machine is in motionon-site arrive some police officers on duty near the San Paolo Stadium.

The first explosion follows a second, even this isolated dallabitazione which comes in the vicinity of a car parking. Other bequests, car windows shattered, even panic. Lesplosione would come at a time when luomo has turned on the light to the Interior of a room ’ saturated with gas. The ’ man, who was depressed for the separation with his wife, was rincasando and had the jacket gun Ordinance.Il vigile, married with two sons, at that time was only in her house. Ongoing investigations to establish whether there are other hypotheses over the ’ incident, primarily that of voluntary suicide.
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