Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Parolisi stays in prison

The Supreme Court of Cassation dismissed the appeal of legal Parolisi. The corporal, accused of murdering his wife Melania Rea, remains in prison.
Salvatore Parolisi remains in prison. To decide that the Court of Cassation rejected the appeal filed by lawyers of the military accused of killing his wife Melania Rea, against the ’ order for custody of the Court of Review de L ’ Eagle and cos the attempt to return home the corporal was useless, as well as judge were disregarded by judges of the Supreme Court of Cassation, the evidence that lawyers should scagionarlo dallaver committed luxoricidio.

As argued by the defence, their witnessing would be entirely innocent and to prove this thesis would be the fact that that day wearing a Jersey Parolisi sleeves, while the findings of the investigation show that the blood left on the thigh of Melania Rea had been left by a cuff of a shirt with long sleeves.But the judges did not consider this sufficient to exonerate or limputato, however, to grant him the house arrest.Rester now to see, in the course of the investigation and when the process if the dellinizio legal dellimputato will be able to produce other evidence or d circumstances able to exonerate their client.The inmate in jail now Parolisi of Teramo by 131 days, from August 23 when the Court of Teramo had issued lordinanza custody.

One of the other Italian mysteries still to be resolved, although this time investigators believe to be right, considering that the evidence in their possession appear to give their reason. You will see in the debate, when avr start, if the accusatory bring it off to prove theorem, without doubt, that the really Parolisi killed his wife in that day that would be a day of leisure and for a quiet family holiday. That day ended in tragedy, as everyone knows.
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