Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On Youtube check out Mario Monti, parody style Voyager: Videos

Between youtube videos the Voyager-style documentary, which sees the protagonist Mario Monti and some coincidences too odd. But all fake?

Is doing a lot of the videos that discuss runs on Youtube entitled “ amazing! Voyager unmasks Mario Monti ”. The video in question has already got ben 33.088 views and is passed to a shock enquiry made by ’ Voyager; In fact only a parody video on Government mounts, freely inspired by the Voyager program.

The ’ investigation shock sees the mysterious numbers, intermingling with the number 11, authors of a series of extravagant combinations.The sum of the numbers leads to 33, which is the most high grade of masonry.L ’ eleven linked to Monti since emme the eleventh letter of the alphabet, initials ’ Mario and Monti. Then 11 for 11 ago 121, Palindromic number that climbs and then descends. The ’ trend of the spread is reminiscent of the mountains, the gruppoBilderberg, and reports of the mountains with the group, then finally a painting by Pieter Brugel, in short a plot that moves between fantasy and reality.

Certain that the first impression on video really strong, but only a parody on the new charge to the Government, Mario Monti, all invented then, or not?Here is the video-controversy.

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