Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Caste: the mystery of maserati and privileges secrets

Are delivered well 6 maserati at the Ministry of defence, the value of 600.000 thousand euros. The caste does not give up privileges.

The crisis is rampant but does not touch the parliamentarians, to relinquish their privileges there thinks.One of these privileges, are precisely the blue car. Yet the financial manoeuvre ’ summer spoke clear: “ The official cars cannot exceed 1,600.Exception for head of State and Presidents of the House and Senate. The cars in use still reads – – can be used only until divestiture enon can be replaced ”.

The news that has aroused a lot of perplessit in recent days, delivery “ in secret ” of 6 maserati, the economic value of 600.000 thousand euros, the Ministry of defence. But the maserati, have less than 1,600 engine? I know its not. And while millions of Italians, sacrifices are demanded, of any kind, the only ones not wanting to make sacrifices, are their own, our members, who continue to receive benefits from their “ status ”, in secret, now that in the light of the Sun, no longer possible.

The news was picked up dalPartito rights fondatoreMaurizio, the Turkish military, and Marco Cormellini, who segretarioLuca them time state: “ the military and the carabinierisono forced to purchase their camouflage suits and other accessories with their own money while a few days ago were handed over to defence alministero new Maserati 6, for a cost in excess of 600,000 euro ”.

The chaste wins again!
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