Friday, November 04, 2011

Dr. kills to stabbing his wife of her lover.

Questioned and stopped, eventually confessed: "I killed with a cut throat net"
To kill Patrizia Reguzzoni, found dead yesterday in the parking lot of Pioltello Milan hinterland, in ’ would have been a doctor for 28 years, who had had an affair with the husband of the victim. The woman, stop by police confessed the murder ’ after a long interrogation. Now detained.
According to rumors, the victim had an appointment with the Reguzzoni for clarification then degenerated into an argument, at the height of which the doctor would have retrieved a knife and wounded in the throat rival in love. Before departing he dragged the woman dying. “ I started to hit her with his eyes closed ”, said the girl, “ a cut throat, netto and deep ”.

As reported by the young, the old lha call several times in recent months, but she answered only on three occasions. You're a man of 61 years old and you let our daughter, allegedly told the Reguzzelli. On 28 October, desperate to have been left by her lover, the Orlandi has taken her the ’ initiative to call his rival, with lintenzione to tell intimate details of their relationship.

Different version of ’ man, who on the phone with a reporter of the Corriere della Seraha stated that the report s, c ’ was, but it was definitely closed: there was no ’ relationship sentimental. The ’ man said incredulously: a person thinks that certain things cannot happen.
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