Monday, November 07, 2011

Big brother 12 is a flop: early closure?

Big brother 12 a flop of listens, to historical lows. Quit early and especially bring it off to get the better Fiorello?

Big brother 12 a flop d ’ listens. The auditel are clear, just 17.28% share with an average audience of viewers, so the 3,572,000 pi basses of all time.Tv today's huge drop d ’ listens. From Star Academy in Baila, now pure Alessia Marcuzzi is having to deal with the much-dreaded “ auditel ”. But what's going on?

The average viewer seems tired of the usual things, characters now viewed and reviewed, all situations seem to except the real life.The television season started not good for anything, at least for the big brother who loses shots, episode after episode. First fiancé of Alessia, Francesco Facchinetti, after Barbara D Urso ’ sar the Marcuzzi, close the program in advance?In fact, big brother this year ’ provides for the duration of 9 months, but the data are clear and mediaset hardly carries out broadcasts, which do not give results.

Alfonso Signorini on Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni merely noted the harsh reality: “ With an average audience of viewers 3,572,000, 17.28% share, the second episode of “ big brother 12 ″ touches its all-time ”. The public increasingly tired of the usual pappardella, vastly prefers public service Santoro, who wins on the web, and local channels on sky.

But not over for the Marcuzzi who must confront a sacred Monster tv: Fiorello, from Monday 14 November on Rai 1 aired in prime time. It will be the end for the big brother?
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