Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Berlusconi: “ Wonder confidence and see who betrays me ”

The Premier, Berlusconi has denied the rumors about his resignation.

“ the voices of my resignation are unfounded and do not understand how they circulated ”. He said the President of the Council, Silvio Berlusconi, talking with his family, as reported by various news agencies.Later, talking with “ Free ”, the premier confirmed the willingness not to resign. “ tomorrow will vote on the report to the Chamber, then porr confidence on letters submitted to the EU and the European Central Bank. I want to see in the face who prover to betray me ”.

The news on the resignation of Premier was circulated this afternoon, following some declarations of direct de “ Sheet ” and host of Radio London ” “ Here on RaiUno, Giuliano Ferrara, who said: “ That Berlusconi is going to give one thing now accelerated. It is hours, even minutes someone says ”. “ Berlusconi presents to the rooms, asks the confidence to adopt the law of Stability and 0138/2009, announces that you dimetter a minute later and that calls for elections in January ”. And ’ this the way indicated by the Director, Ferrara online.

The news was fueled also by the Director of the newspaper “ Free ”, Bechis, who confirmed the news, saying: “ now I direct news. Berlusconi resigns! ”

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