Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Berlusconi resigns: and ’ the end

Berlusconi is dimetter, after the passage of the law of stability. The premier has not IP numbers to govern. Betrayed by his loyalists.

After the approval of the law of ’ stability presenter, Silvio Berlusconi's resignation. This l ’ agreement reached, shortly after the ’ meeting of premier with President Giorgio Napolitano. And ’ really the end. Busy day today in the House. Immediately after the vote of the general statement of the State, it is important: they are voting only 308 deputies, missing all 321 ’ appeal. C not ’ majority.

Berlusconi, in telephone connection at Tg5, declares that there ’ a clear majority and that shortly after the approval of the law of ’ stability, presenter for his resignation.Here's what the Tg5 said: ” we are in a contingency regarding markets, the ’ Europe asked us measures that should support our economy and has asked with great insistence. These measures we must approve, the European Parliament today has shown that there ’ a clear majority on our part; I believe that both priority l ’ approval of these measures and then I went by the President of the Republic, after today's vote, and I have set out my vision, asking to allow the ’ approval of these measures, and after the adoption of this law, presenter resigned as the head of State open consultations. It is not for me to decide what to do in the future, but I only see the chance of new elections. The defection of 7 members of the majority came to fruition now, and therefore not ’ the majority believed to have a realistic and we should take note of this situation.The ’ important to the good of the country.

Berlusconi then presenter to resign, but does not pass unnoticed the notorious “ ” ticket in which the premier notes from farsi, immediately after the vote, and he also writes “ ” traitors. Berlusconitradito by his faithful.
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